The Sebsoft Moderated RSS Plugin offers you the possibility to load multiple feeds into a block.

The block differs from the functionality of the original RSS block by allowing
authorized users to configure multiple RSS feeds per instance.
This in itself is not different from the "remote rss" block. However, once configured,
every newly added item from any given feed, if not configured to be "autopublished",
should be authored by an appropriate user, allowing the feed item to be displayed by the block.

Note: this block is not necessarily appropriate for feeds that have items added very often.
For instance, newspaper feeds are known to possibly publish feed items at a rate of multiple per minute.
Since this block works with stored feed items, and does not parse feeds realtime (at request),
this block would be inappropriate to use.

By default, feeds are refreshed / parsed once per hour (adjust task properties for faster refreshing).


- Copy the selectrss folder to your blocks directory.
- Configure your plugin.
- We're ready to run!