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Merge Mike's and Marius' changes.

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 1.3 (unreleased)
+* Documentation:
+  - Some ``webhelpers.misc`` helpers were undocumented.
+  - Spelling corrections throughout, done by Marius Gedminas.
 * webhelpers.paginate:
   - Support page parameter in the route path (e.g., "/help/page5") when using


 .. currentmodule:: webhelpers.misc
-.. autoclass:: NotGiven
+Data processing
 .. autofunction:: all(seq[, pred])
 .. autofunction:: any(seq[, pred])
 .. autofunction:: no(seq[, pred])
 .. autofunction:: count_true(seq[, pred])
 .. autofunction:: convert_or_none
+.. autofunction:: flatten
+Class-related and miscellaneous
+.. autoclass:: NotGiven
+.. autofunction:: subclasses_only
+Exceptions and deprecation
 .. autofunction:: deprecate
+.. autofunction:: format_exception
 .. autoclass:: DeclarativeException
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