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SeedMe java client provides a convenient set of methods to interact with the SeedMe web services. This client provides programmatic access to perform certain tasks in the web service.


-An account at SeedMe.org

-Java 1.5 or higher

-Apache ant

System and Terminology

SeedMe is a platform to share data. See more information here

Collection is a container for that may have following elements

  • collection_id: Each collection is automatically assigned a unique numeric identifier
  • Metadata: Title, Description, Key-Value Pairs, Credits, License for the collection
  • Files: These could be files, images, videos
  • Sequences: Set of related images
  • Tickers: Short text string (128 chars) useful for monitoring progress
  • File size: Each file must be less than 100 MB


The client is distributed as a maven repository. You can find configuration samples for several package managers at http://mvnrepository.com/artifact/org.seedme/seedme-client/0.1.0

The sample app demonstrating the SeedMe Java client is provided here

Refer to maven quick start guide for creating a new project and adding dependencies: https://maven.apache.org/guides/getting-started/index.html

Others package tools can also be used, like Apache Ant, Apache Ivy, etc.


Dmitry Mishin dmishin@sdsc.edu