SeedMe java client provides a convenient set of methods to interact with the SeedMe web services. This client provides programmatic access to perform certain tasks in the web service.


-An account at

-Java 1.5 or higher

-Apache ant

System and Terminology

SeedMe is a platform to share data. See more information here

Collection is a container for that may have following elements

  • collection_id: Each collection is automatically assigned a unique numeric identifier
  • Metadata: Title, Description, Key-Value Pairs, Credits, License for the collection
  • Files: These could be files, images, videos
  • Sequences: Set of related images
  • Tickers: Short text string (128 chars) useful for monitoring progress
  • File size: Each file must be less than 100 MB


The client is distributed as a maven repository. You can find configuration samples for several package managers at

The sample app demonstrating the SeedMe Java client is provided here

Refer to maven quick start guide for creating a new project and adding dependencies:

Others package tools can also be used, like Apache Ant, Apache Ivy, etc.


Dmitry Mishin