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fixed support for subprocess module

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         global env_ext
         env_ext['HOME'] = PROJECT_DIR
+    # Get the subprocess module into the dev_appserver sandbox.
+    # This module is just too important for development.
+    # The second part of this hack is in which adds
+    # important environment variables like PATH etc.
     if not on_production_server:
-        from google.appengine import dist
-        if 'subprocess' in dist.__all__:
-            dist.__all__.remove('subprocess')
-        from import os as clean_os
-        os.fdopen = clean_os.fdopen
+        try:
+            from google.appengine.api.mail_stub import subprocess
+            sys.modules['subprocess'] = subprocess
+        except ImportError:
+            import logging
+            logging.warn('Could not add the subprocess module to the sandbox.')


     # Reset logging level to INFO as dev_appserver will spew tons of debug logs
+    # Allow to run subprocesses
+    from import dev_appserver
+    try:
+        env = dev_appserver.DEFAULT_ENV
+        dev_appserver.DEFAULT_ENV = os.environ.copy()
+        dev_appserver.DEFAULT_ENV.update(env)
+    except AttributeError:
+        logging.warn('Could not patch the default environment. '
+                     'The subprocess module will not work correctly.')
     # Append the current working directory to the arguments.
     dev_appserver_main.main([progname] + args + [os.getcwdu()])
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