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no easy way to compile it in one go, remove and raw install direct from git

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-EBUILD xsunpinyin-9999.ebuild 1385 RMD160 3e21821c9fe35e2ca0df405279e54181756dbf68 SHA1 42cf162ec84c9d881290e01052dc0e3cae6848e3 SHA256 1b02280f53c8b211a8e22233dcc960a0ef6e6dfc8a360d35ebe8f89b4efefc20


-# Copyright 1999-2009 Gentoo Foundation
-# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
-# $Header: $
-inherit autotools python git
-DESCRIPTION="SunPinyin is a SLM (Statistical Language Model) based IME"
-	>=dev-libs/glib-2
-	>=dev-lang/python-2.6"
-	dev-util/pkgconfig
-	dev-util/scons
-	sys-devel/gettext"
-#echo DESTDIR
-src_compile() {
-	cd ${SRC_DIR}
-	#scons ${INSTALL_PREFIX} || die "scons failed"
-	#scons DESTDIR=${D} || die "scons failed"
-	#scons ${INSTALL_PREFIX} || die "scons failed"
-	#scons install ${INSTALL_PREFIX} || die "scons install died"
-	scons
-	scons install DESTDIR=${D}
-	cd "${XIM_SRC_DIR}"
-	scons
-	scons install DESTDIR=${D}
-#src_install() {
-#	#scons ${INSTALL_PREFIX} || die "scons failed"
-#	#scons install ${INSTALL_PREFIX} || die "scons install died"
-#	#scons install ${INSTALL_PREFIX} || die "Install failed"
-#	#cd "${XIM_SRC_DIR}"
-#	#scons ${INSTALL_PREFIX} || die "scons xim failed"	
-#	#scons install ${INSTALL_PREFIX} || die "Install failed"
-#	#emake DESTDIR="${D}" install
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