seenxu / sys-block / partclone / Manifest

DIST partclone-0.2.16.tar.gz 394980 RMD160 c8e21a924ad93b80f6fc14ac08c70df0299fbc5f SHA1 c043e8c0deacc181aa0e532af49c915bc1cc63f0 SHA256 a8ab3f7bad7e1d7798fa639596cad94367a2005e407422405a88402c6ed1d72c
EBUILD partclone-0.2.16.ebuild 1694 RMD160 b722ca40204ee385d1a7a41338d4970bc387e742 SHA1 d9253a34fdc2fb258eed7bd4432114f143ab7d45 SHA256 2d6fadf440b921e6c8ed3be97de13f2fc8d23686d9657957296c0ebb082376c3
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