The Guide

             README for The Guide, release 2.0.
What is it?

The Guide is a tree-based information management tool. It lets you to
organize information as nodes in a tree. The information itself is
maintained as rich text. It is a two-pane, rich-text outliner.

Home Page

The Guide lives at Details of the
latest version (and much more) can be found here.

Change Log

List of changes in each released version of The Guide is listed in
the file named "CHANGES". They are also available online (in a
nicer format) at:


The Guide is developed and distributed under the "Apache License 2.0",
an OSI-approved open source license. For full license text, please see
the file named "LICENSE", or


The Guide comes in a Microsoft Installer (.msi) package. This can
be easily installed (and uninstalled). For those who are allergic
to installers, the zipped binaries are also available, which can
be just unpacked into a directory.

Portable Use

To use The Guide in a portable manner (to carry around in USB
drives for e.g.), download the zipped binaries, edit the file
"guide.ini" in a text editor, replacing the line "portable=0"
with "portable=1". Guide will use the ini file to store all
preferences/settings and not touch the registry at all.


Your feedback, comments and suggestions are more welcome. Please send
them to, or see

Additional Information
Fork with some personal fixes