Matt Mackall  committed 351a929

record: use command wrapper properly for qnew/qrefresh (issue3001)

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File hgext/

     dorecord(ui, repo, commands.commit, 'commit', False, *pats, **opts)
-def qrefresh(ui, repo, *pats, **opts):
+def qrefresh(origfn, ui, repo, *pats, **opts):
+    if not opts['interactive']:
+        return origfn(ui, repo, *pats, **opts)
     mq = extensions.find('mq')
     def committomq(ui, repo, *pats, **opts):
     dorecord(ui, repo, committomq, 'qnew', False, *pats, **opts)
+def qnew(origfn, ui, repo, patch, *args, **opts):
+    if opts['interactive']:
+        return qrecord(ui, repo, patch, *args, **opts)
+    return origfn(ui, repo, patch, *args, **opts)
 def dorecord(ui, repo, commitfunc, cmdsuggest, backupall, *pats, **opts):
     if not ui.interactive():
         raise util.Abort(_('running non-interactively, use %s instead') %
          mq.cmdtable['^qnew'][1][:] + diffopts,
          _('hg qrecord [OPTION]... PATCH [FILE]...'))
-    _wrapcmd('qnew', mq.cmdtable, qrecord, _("interactively record a new patch"))
+    _wrapcmd('qnew', mq.cmdtable, qnew, _("interactively record a new patch"))
     _wrapcmd('qrefresh', mq.cmdtable, qrefresh,
              _("interactively select changes to refresh"))
 def _wrapcmd(cmd, table, wrapfn, msg):
-    '''wrap the command'''
-    def wrapper(orig, *args, **kwargs):
-        if kwargs['interactive']:
-            return wrapfn(*args, **kwargs)
-        return orig(*args, **kwargs)
-    entry = extensions.wrapcommand(table, cmd, wrapper)
+    entry = extensions.wrapcommand(table, cmd, wrapfn)
     entry[1].append(('i', 'interactive', None, msg))