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 <p>When someone in your group wants to start coding on a feature without disturbing the others, he can create a named branch and commit there. When someone else wants to join in, he just updates to the branch and commits away. As soon as the feature is finished, someone merges the named branch into the default branch.</p>
+<div class="note">
+<p class="note-title">Note:</p>
+Named branch information is <strong>permanently stored in history</strong>, so you can always see for which feature some change was added. If you only want temporary branches as short-lived markers on history, you can use Bookmarks instead. Just replace <em>hg branch</em> with <em>hg bookmark</em> and add <em>-B &lt;bookmark-name&gt;</em> to <em>hg push</em> and <em>hg pull</em>.
 <h5>Working in a named branch</h5>
 <p>Create the branch</p>
 <p>And that's it. Now you can easily keep features separate without unnecessary bookkeeping.</p>
-<div class="note">
-<p class="note-title">Note:</p>
-Named branches stay in history as permanent record after you finished your work. If you don't like having that record in your history, please have a look at some of the advanced <a title="Mercurial Workflows" href="http://www.selenic.com/mercurial/wiki/Workflows">workflows</a>.
 <h2 id="tagging">Tagging revisions</h2>
 <h3>Use Case</h3>