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 					<h3>How you can benefit from Mercurial</h3>
 						<li class="i-1">
-							<h4><a href="about.html">Power and speed</a></h4>
+							<h4><a href="about.html">It is fast and powerful</a></h4>
 							<p>Mercurial offers you the power and speed to efficiently handle projects of any size and kind. You can use a multitude of [workflows]() and easily enhance its functionality with [extensions]().</p>
 						<li class="i-2">
-							<h4><a href="javascript:void(0);">Ease of use</a></h4>
+							<h4><a href="./usage">It is easy to use</a></h4>
 							<p>Mercurials consistent and intuitive interface makes it easy to learn and understand. You can simply start with the [bare basics][] and learn incrementally or print a copy of the [hgbook]() to understand the big picture in one go. </p>
 						<li class="i-3">
-							<h4><a href="testimonies">Just works.</a></h4>
+							<h4><a href="./testimonies">And it just works.</a></h4>
 							<p>Mercurial strives to deliver on each of its promises. Most tasks simply work on the first try and without requiring arcane knowledge. (If one doesn't, that's most likely no feature but a <a href="http://selenic.com/mercurial/bugs/">bug</a>. Please <a href="http://selenic.com/mercurial/bugs/">tell us about it</a>!)</p>