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Added some nice example quotes from the strength of Mercurial discussion (commented out).

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                                 <div class="quote">
                                         <em>Random testimony: "I understood how to install Mercurial and how to use it in a few minutes." -Giorgos Keramidas</em>
+                                        <!-- other nice quotes: 
+                                        ## From the strengths of Mercurial discussion: 
+                                        Just works the way I expect - Paul Moore
+                                        It took me one evening to get comfortable with it.  About a month to better understand its distributed nature. - Isaac Jurado 
+                                        Mercurial strikes a marvelous balance between these two ends.  It can be configured to support either simple environments or very complicated streams of changes interacting in custom ways, and it does all that without becoming a humongous monster of complexity. - Giorgos Keramidas
+                                        The dev's of Hg are generally friendly and approachable. - Gerard Korsten
+                                        The code base for Hg is pretty small and yet its pretty feature complete. - Gerard Korsten
+                                        Simplicity, being distributed, extensibility, speed, familiarity, bash completion, understandable and reasonably small code base - Peter Arrenbrecht
+                                        The team on the project gradually grew from just me to a few people here and abroad. This was a totally seamless experience - Peter Arrenbrecht
+                                        Easy to understand at a practical level. - Michael Estrand
+                                        The included web server [...] replaces a lot of functionality of GUI tools in a truly multiplatform way. - Daniel Serpell
+                                        There isn't much to learn to be effective. - Doug Philips
+                                        It took my less than an hour to understand it. - Thomas Burdick
+                                        It has a tortoise so I can actually show my boss its highly productive even in windows. - Thomas Burdick
+                                        The commands usually do what I assume them to do. - Bastian Doetsch
+                                        Mercurial's conceptual model is clean and simple enough to carry around in my head” - hgbook
+                                        It's so easy to start a project; hg init, and you're good to go. - Paul Fisher
+                                        It simply works [...]. - Hans Meine
+                                        -->