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 		<p>The functionality of Mercurial can be increased with extensions, either by activating the official ones which are shipped with Mercurial or downloading some <a href="">from the wiki</a> or by <a href="">writing your own</a>. Extensions are written in Python and can change the workings of the basic commands, add new commands and access all the core functions of Mercurial.</p>
+		<h2>Easy to use</h2>
+		<p>Mercurial sports a consistent command set in which most subversion users feel right at home. Potentially dangerous actions are available via extensions you need to enable, so the basic interface is easy to use, easy to learn and hard to break. The <a href="{% url quick_start %}">Quick Start</a> should get you going in a few minutes.</p>
 		<h2>Open Source</h2>
 		<p>Mercurial is free software licensed under the terms of the <a href="">GNU General Public License Version 2</a>.</p>
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