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Zack Moore
created an issue

This is probably the same as the IE9 CSS issue, so sorry if I should have responded there.

I may be oblivious and have overlooked this issue until recently, but today I opened and the fonts on all the H? tags are double entered and the menu looks to have the same problem.

I'm using IE10. Switching to comparability mode causes the page to look correct.

The IE9 CSS issue reported previously said that text was rendering upside down. I'm not seeing that. Everything is just doubled in two different fonts.

Screenshot attached.

Looks fine in Chrome.

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  1. Zack Moore reporter

    I played with this for a minute. I haven't used <canvas> before but I think in the <h1> tag, the <canvas> and the <span> are both displaying the same text. If I add display:none; to the <span> style, then I only see the word "Work" once and not doubled, but trying the same on the <canvas> caused something to shift over and not look right.

    Also, changing the IE browser mode to IE9 or IE8 caused it to display correctly.

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