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Test --mbox option

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 echo "[ui]"             >> $HGRCPATH
 echo "interactive=true" >> $HGRCPATH
-echo "[mbox]"           >> $HGRCPATH
-echo "paths=$TESTDIR/tests/test.mbx" >> $HGRCPATH
 echo "[extensions]"     >> $HGRCPATH
 echo "mbox="            >> $HGRCPATH
 hg init repo
 cd repo
+echo  "% test with no mbox specified"
+hg mimport
+echo  "% test --mbox option"
+hg mimport --mbox $TESTDIR/tests/test.mbx <<EOF
+echo "[mbox]"           >> $HGRCPATH
+echo "paths=$TESTDIR/tests/test.mbx" >> $HGRCPATH
 echo "% test default behaviour, help and quit"
 hg mimport <<EOF

File test-mbox.out

 hg: unknown command 'mimport'
 % help (mq present)
 hg mimport PATTERN...
+% test with no mbox specified
+abort: no mailbox path configured
+% test --mbox option
+[PATCH] patch1
+import this group? [Nydq?]  abort: user quit
 % test default behaviour, help and quit
 [PATCH] patch1
 import this group? [Nydq?]  n - skip this patch group