1. David Soria Parra
  2. libgd 2.0


libgd 2.0 / gd.ver

1.2, 95/8/10
  * Created README, INSTALL and .lsm -files, and updated Makefile to
    create a distribution.
  * Removed -w from perl-line, since perl complained about uninitialized
    variables when checking empty ARGV.
  * Renamed this file from gdprog.ver to gd.ver

0.24, 95/6/4
  * Fixed a bug: The program wouldn't change to directories containing
    a space in the name. Thanks to Alexey Marinichev <lyosha@tdb.uu.se>
    for spotting this bug.

0.23, 95/2/16
  * No longer aborts if unable to read a directory, but rather
    gives a warning.

0.22, 95/2/12
  * Hopefully removed bug that caused looping when certain unknown
    directories were given.

0.2, 94/10/23
  * No longer follows directories that are symlinks, since
    these may cause cyclic references.

0.1, 94/9/22