libgd 2.0 / gd_color.c

#include "gd.h"
#include "gd_color.h"

int gdColorMatch(gdImagePtr im, int col1, int col2, float threshold)
	const int dr = gdImageRed(im, col1) - gdImageRed(im, col2);
	const int dg = gdImageGreen(im, col1) - gdImageGreen(im, col2);
	const int db = gdImageBlue(im, col1) - gdImageBlue(im, col2);
	const int da = gdImageAlpha(im, col1) - gdImageAlpha(im, col2);
	const int dist = dr * dr + dg * dg + db * db + da * da;

	return (100.0 * dist / 195075) < threshold;

 * To be implemented when we have more image formats.
 * Buffer like gray8 gray16 or rgb8 will require some tweak
 * and can be done in this function (called from the autocrop
 * function. (Pierre)
#if 0
static int colors_equal (const int col1, const in col2)

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