Test bench for running zero suppression algorithms on waveform data stored in a text file.


  • ZedBoard
  • ARM cross compiler:

    sudo apt-get install install gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi

  • Python and numpy on the host to generate waveform data


Build a host and device version of the test runner:


Generate data set on host

Create a text file called "":


The format of waveform input files is:

input_buffer [nchannels] [sample_stride] [channel_stride] [nsamples in file] [sample0] [sample1] [sample2] [...]

Configuration File

An example zero suppression configuration file is included. The format is:

zs_config [threshold in adc] [presamples] [postsamples]

Run test on host

To test the zero suppression on the host, run:

./zs_bench_host zs.conf noise.out

The file noise.out will contain a text dump of the entire buffer in this format:

output_buffer [size of buffer] [read ptr offset] [write ptr offset] [execution time in sec]

Run test on device

To test zero suppresion on the device:

scp zs_bench zs.conf noise.out root@

Then log into the device and run:

cd /tmp
./zs_bench zs.conf noise.out