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Follow better practice for running commands inside a shell

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         # Monkey-patch the virtualenv activate script
         activate = os.path.join(VIRTUAL_ENV, 'bin', 'activate')
         shrinkwrap_fragment = '''#begin shrinkwrap (DO NOT EDIT THIS SECTION)
-`shrinkwrap activate`
+eval $(shrinkwrap activate)
 #end shrinkwrap'''
         with open(activate, 'r') as f:
             activate_contents =


     VIRTUAL_ENV = os.environ['VIRTUAL_ENV']
     env_pattern = os.path.join(VIRTUAL_ENV, 'env.d', '*.sh')
     if len(glob.glob(env_pattern)) > 0:
-        print 'source', ' '.join([os.path.realpath(filename) for filename in glob.glob(env_pattern)])
+        print '; '.join(['source ' + os.path.realpath(filename) for filename in glob.glob(env_pattern)])
 def createpkg(argv):


         '''Runs ``cmd`` in a shell.  Raises shrinkwrap.CommandError if the
         return code from ``cmd`` is not equal to ``success_return_code``.'''
         log.warn('Executing: ' + cmd)
-        ret ='`shrinkwrap activate` && ' + cmd, shell=True, executable='/bin/bash')
+        ret ='eval $(shrinkwrap activate) && ' + cmd, shell=True, executable='/bin/bash')
         if ret != success_return_code:
             raise CommandError(cmd, ret)