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add wrapper for bzip2

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+    from shrinkwrap.install import ShrinkwrapInstall
+except ImportError:
+    import subprocess; subprocess.check_call('pip install shrinkwrap', shell=True)
+    from shrinkwrap.install import ShrinkwrapInstall
+import os
+from setuptools import setup
+version = '1.0.6'
+source_url = '' % {'version': version}
+def installer(self):
+    # Get source and unpack to $VIRTUAL_ENV/src
+    self.download_and_unpack_tarball(source_url, to_src_dir=True)
+    # Compile in place
+    os.chdir(self.src_dir)
+    bzip2_dir = 'bzip2-' + version
+    os.chdir(bzip2_dir)
+    self.make(extra_opts=['install', 'PREFIX=%s' % self.virtualenv])
+    name='bzip2',
+    version=version,
+    author='Andy Mastbaum',
+    author_email='',
+    shrinkwrap_installer=installer,
+    cmdclass={'install': ShrinkwrapInstall},
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