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Foo Din Kalia a lonely taxi driver who hears all the good things happening into his passengers lives, is going through some troubled times. One night he gives a ride to two passengers, Russell Law and Gus Vincent. They seem to be pretty normal at first, but then reveal their true identity as killers on mission. Din being helpless has to drive them around while they kill people who are somehow related to him either professionally or personally while he's the last one on their list, but later on as he finds out the reason for their killing these innocent people. He seems to support their reasons and madness behind these ruthless murders. Going deeper into the rabbit hole, Din finds himself actually helping them at some point. When L.A.P.D. gets on the case they find something happening that hasn't happened before, 7 killings in a matter of four hours in 5 mile radius. Det. Cora, Det. McCauley and Det. Sinha give their all to get to the bottom of this matter as it costs more people their lives. In their investigating of these crimes, they surprisingly run into the killers as a gun down between the two parties happens in the middle of the street in an L.A. neighborhood. The question now is will Din help Russell and Gus escape the police, or is he onto a master plan to get out of the situation.


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