Represent directories and files as atom feed entries
                                version 1.0.0
                             Sulaiman A. Mustafa


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 | License/Copyright: See the file COPY in the base directory of this project |

Pathfeed is a command line tool that represents directory content as an atom
feed. It can also do the same with paths supplied through standard input.

    A.  Supports MIME type white-listing. Only include files that match the
        list of supplied MIME types.
    B.  Supports title extraction for some formats: Currently this is only
        done for html files, but this might change soon.
    C.  cript package included (shameless plug)

Currently, pathfeed depends on lib magic for file MIME detection. Running 
pathfeed requires that a libmagic shared object be present on your system 
or that libmagic is statically linked.

The dependency list might get longer (or shorter) with future releases.

The projects source distribution provides to ways to use pathfeed: The first
method requires that you build the software by issuing make. The other is to 
use the cript wrapper (a self-building source-code package) which does 
everything for you.

Either method requires that the development files for libmagic be installed on
your system. On debian systems, these files are provided by `libmagic-dev'.

To manually build pathfeed, change to the directory `source' and issue `make'.
The cript wrapper can be used immediately as if it was the compiled binary.

The atom specification requires the presence of a few elements for the feed to
be valid. These elements are implemented as mandatory options that must be 
supplied when pathfeed is invoked. See -h for further information. 

The following examples yield the same result. All command arguments should be 
on a single line.

    find -L /home/$USER/Downloads | ./pathfeed 
        -T "My downloads"                   # Feed Title (Required)
        -A "$USER"                          # Feed Author (Required)
        -U ""    # Feed location (Required)
        -u ""       # URL prefix for file paths (Required)
        -M "text/html:video/mp4"            # MIME whitelist
        -d                                  # Determine titles dynamically
        > "feed.xml"                       
        -T "My downloads"                   
        -A "$USER"                          
        -U ""    
        -u ""       
        -M "text/html:video/mp4"            
        -D "/home/$USER/Downloads"          # Directory to traverse
        -F "feed.xml"                       # Output file

Note: if you're piping paths to pathfeed, pathfeed will consider the first path
      as the base directory (equivalent to passing it as an argument with -D).

Support and Help
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