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UPOBSD(1) - General Commands Manual


upobsd - download, verify and patch bsd.rd image


upobsd [-v] [-m mirror] [-V version] [-a arch] [-p signify-key] [-i install-response-file] [-u upgrade-response-file] [-o output]


upobsd is a ksh(1) script designed to download, verify and optionally patch bsd.rd image.

upobsd will download bsd.rd image using ftp(1) from mirror defined in installurl(5), will verify the downloaded file using signify(1) and local key inside /etc/signify to ensure integrity, and optionally patch the image for adding auto_install.conf or auto_upgrade.conf file to add support of offline autoinstall(8).

Patching requires super-user privilegies in order to use vnconfig(8) and mount(8) for modifying the ramdisk image. doas(1) will be used for this purpose and should be configured accordingly.

The options are as follows:


Enable verbose mode. Forces upobsd to show all steps of the process. If the input is a terminal, progress bar for downloading will be always showed.

-m mirror

Use the given mirror URL. For the format, see installurl(5).

-V version

Select an operating system version. By default, upobsd will download bsd.rd for current running version.

-a arch

Select a specific architecture. By default, upobsd will use current system architecture as uname(1) report it.

-p signify-key

Specify a particular file as public-key for signify(1) in order to check SHA256.sig and bsd.rd files. By default, a key from /etc/signify is selected using the requested operating system version. If the default key fails, a second try with the next version is done.

-i install-response-file

Adds install-response-file as auto_install.conf inside the ramdisk of bsd.rd image.

-u upgrade-response-file

Adds upgrade-response-file as auto_upgrade.conf inside the ramdisk of bsd.rd image. If both -i and -u are used, only the latest option on command-line is considered.

-o output

Selects a different output name from bsd.rd in the current directory.


ftp(1), signify(1)


upobsd was written by Sebastien Marie <semarie@online.fr>.


upobsd could be unable to patch some archs due to stripped binary or because incompatible endianness.

OpenBSD 6.4 - April 8, 2018