Anonymous committed a38a596

Fixed order of comments in feed and template tag.

extra : convert_revision : svn%3Aea932676-bf3b-0410-9f11-03e9079df846/trunk%40138

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             'content_type__app_label__exact': 'diario',
             'content_type__model__exact': 'entry',
-        return get_list_function(**kwargs)
+        return get_list_function(**kwargs).order_by('-submit_date')
     def items(self):
         return self.get_query_set()[:30]


         get_list_function = Comment.objects.filter
         kwargs = {
             'is_public': True,
+            'is_removed': False,
             'site__pk': settings.SITE_ID,
             'content_type__app_label__exact': 'diario',
             'content_type__model__exact': 'entry',
-        comment_list = get_list_function(**kwargs).select_related()
+        comment_list = get_list_function(**kwargs).select_related().order_by('-submit_date')
         context[self.var_name] = comment_list[self.start:][:self.num]
         return ''
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