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Issue #5 resolved
Björn Lindqvist
created an issue

Often it would be nice if the author field was editable. For example, when you are uploading a blog post for someone else. Perhaps changing the author field could be limited to users with superuser status. I can provide a patch for it if you are interested.

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  1. semente repo owner

    I want change the model design of Diário to be more flexible and I will consider your suggestion. Other persons also want add/edit some fields, so my idea is provide a simple model and a Django way to extend it by the Diário user/developer.

    At moment I'm not able to do that because of my work, but I hope that I can do it soon.

    If you have suggestions related to that, please comment in the Issue #2 or fork Diário. :-)


  2. semente repo owner

    In 2.x-exper1 branch you are able to provide a custom Entry model that allows you do it. Despite this branch is not merged yet, I'm closing this issue.

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