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Issue #3 wontfix

Templates missing?

David Fraser
created an issue

I've done:

  • pip install django-galeria
  • added ("^galeria/", include("galeria.urls")) to my urls.py
  • put galeria into my list of INSTALLED_APPS in my settings.py

Now I can view the admin pages, create a new album, upload a zip file, etc. But when I try and view any pages at these places, I get:

TemplateDoesNotExist at /galeria/ - galeria/album_list.html (and likewise for album_detail.html etc

Presumably I can just create these templates, but it would be helpful to have some default ones included to adapt... so it would work out of the box ...

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  1. Guilherme Gondim repo owner

    Hello David, how are you?

    First, thanks for opening this issue and sorry the long delay in answering you...

    Well, I don't like the idea of providing default templates that probably will not fit well in many Django project. A site can accidentally go online with content that the developer didn't wish share, for example. So I prefer that it raises a exception.

    I agree with you that providing these templates will be very helpful. I'm thinking about the best way to provide it. Maybe you have some suggestion.

    I would change the exception message with a URL to a sample template to the developer copy and paste or even a manage command to create the files for you. What do you think?


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