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MOD:bugfix for push download

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         r,_ = yield tornado.gen.Task(self.db.files.insert,doc)
+        r,_ = yield tornado.gen.Task(self.db.files.find_one,{'channel':int(channel)},sort=[('ts',asyncmongo.DESCENDING)])
+        doc = r[0]
+        doc['_id'] = str(doc['_id'])
         push_message(str(doc['channel']), json.dumps(doc))


         console.log('Received: ' +;
         data = $.parseJSON(;
         document.getElementById("a").innerHTML = data['filename'];
-        document.getElementById("b").innerHTML = data['ts'];
-        document.getElementById("link").href = data['file_url'];
+        document.getElementById("b").innerHTML = '0秒前';
+        document.getElementById("link").href = "/"+data['channel']+"/download/"+data['_id']+"/";
         document.getElementById("yes").style.display = "block";
         document.getElementById("no").style.display = "none";
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