Global namespace "returns" attribute of MethodObj not parsed correctly

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Issue #14 resolved
Daniel DeSousa created an issue

When I attempt to parse a method with a return type referencing the global namespace, it seems as though it incorrectly parses the file:

struct Example {
    uint8_t foo() { return 4;}
    ::uint8_t bar() { return 0; }
#!/usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8

import CppHeaderParser

f_str = open("sample.h", "rb").read()
header = CppHeaderParser.CppHeader(f_str, argType='string')

for classname, classobj in header.classes.iteritems():
    if 'methods' in classobj:
        for methodobj in classobj['methods']['public']:
            print methodobj['name'], methodobj['returns'], methodobj['rtnType']
foo uint8_t uint8_t
bar : uint8_t uint8_t

Attached is a source header and script to reproduce the problem. It seems like the 'returns' attribute mangles the namespace, leaving one colon from the global namespace.

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