the PySprinklers project is a homebrew intelligent sprinkler system designed
to conserve water by not running the sprinklers if it had rained.  More 
information can be found at:

To use pysprinkers simply do the following:
1) Unzip pysprinklers.zip
2) Creat /opt/pysprinklers
3) Creat /var/lib/house
4) Copy everything in the scripts directory to /opt/pysprinklers
5) Copy everything in the data directory to /var/lib/house
6) Edit /var/lib/house/config.py
7) Review information at http://senexcanis.com/blog/python-sprinkler-project/
8) Configure your X10 or equivelent to work (pysprinklers calls usbheyu, make modifications necessary to suit your needs)

To use the scripts create cron jobs that look like the following:
#Tweet rain activity
*/5 * * * * /opt/pysprinklers/rain_tweeter.py >> /var/lib/house/rain_tweeter.log

#Keep rain gauge alive (start up if machine was rebooted)
*/5 * * * * /bin/sh /opt/pysprinklers/keep_rain_gauge_monitor_alive.sh

#Run the sprinklers
00 02 * * thu,sun  /opt/pysprinklers/sprinkler_manager.py --tweet \
>>  /var/lib/house/sprinkler_manager.log

#Make sure sprinklers werent left on
* * * * thu,sun  /opt/pysprinklers/sprinkler_manager.py --rs-check --tweet \
>> /var/lib/house/sprinkler_manager.log

License: This project is released under the BSD 2.0 license which can be
found at: http://www.opensource.org/licenses/bsd-license.php