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the PySprinklers project is a homebrew intelligent sprinkler system designed
to conserve water by not running the sprinklers if it had rained.  More 
information can be found at:

To use pysprinkers simply do the following:
1) Unzip
2) Creat /opt/pysprinklers
3) Creat /var/lib/house
4) Copy everything in the scripts directory to /opt/pysprinklers
5) Copy everything in the data directory to /var/lib/house
6) Edit /var/lib/house/
7) Review information at
8) Configure your X10 or equivelent to work (pysprinklers calls usbheyu, make modifications necessary to suit your needs)

To use the scripts create cron jobs that look like the following:
#Tweet rain activity
*/5 * * * * /opt/pysprinklers/ >> /var/lib/house/rain_tweeter.log

#Keep rain gauge alive (start up if machine was rebooted)
*/5 * * * * /bin/sh /opt/pysprinklers/

#Run the sprinklers
00 02 * * thu,sun  /opt/pysprinklers/ --tweet \
>>  /var/lib/house/sprinkler_manager.log

#Make sure sprinklers werent left on
* * * * thu,sun  /opt/pysprinklers/ --rs-check --tweet \
>> /var/lib/house/sprinkler_manager.log

License: This project is released under the BSD 2.0 license which can be
found at: