Installation instructions for Ubuntu 10.04

  • Install Apache2 with WSGI support:
    • apt-get install apache2 libapache2-mod-wsgi
  • Install dependencies to compile psycopg2:
    • apt-get build-dep python-psycopg2
  • Install Python PIP and update it:
    • apt-get install python-pip
    • pip install -U pip
  • Install python virtualenv:
    • pip install virtualenv
  • Create a virtualenv for the deploy
    • mkdir /usr/local/django/
    • virtualenv /usr/local/django/colab/
  • Download the colab src code:
  • Install the django site:
    • pip install /usr/local/src/colab -E /usr/local/django/colab/
  • Configure your database settings in /usr/local/django/colab/lib/python2.6/site-packages/
  • Enable the colab site on apache and reload it:
    • ln -s /usr/local/django/colab/apache-site/colab /etc/apache2/sites-available
    • a2ensite colab
    • service apache2 restart

Configuring server to send emails

  • Install postfix and mailutils:
    • apt-get install mailutils postfix
  • Update the file /etc/aliases adding users that should receive root's messages and run the update command:
    • newaliases

Cron job to import emails

  • Install sshfs:
    • apt-get install sshfs autofs
  • Create SSH keys. You should use a password but this tutorial won't cover it (if you use you will need to install and configure keychain process to be able to proceed):
    • ssh-keygen
  • Copy the content of your key (/root/.ssh/ to the file /root/.ssh/authorized_keys on the mailinglist server.
  • Append the following content to /etc/auto.master file:
    • /usr/local/django/colab/mnt /usr/local/django/colab/autofs/listas --timeout=600,--ghost
  • Restart autofs:
    • service autofs restart
  • Link cron script into /etc/cron.d/ folder:
    • ln -s /usr/local/django/colab/cron.d/colab_import_emails /etc/cron.d/
  • From now on the emails should be imported every minute

Cron job to reindex Solr

  • Install wget:
    • apt-get install wget
  • Link cron script into /etc/cron.d/ folder:
    • ln -s /usr/local/django/colab/cron.d/colab_solr_reindex /etc/cron.d/
  • From now on delta reindex should run every 10 minutes and full reindex once a day.

Updating an installed version

  • Update the source code:
    • cd /usr/local/src/colab/
    • hg pull
    • hg up
    • pip install /usr/local/src/colab/ -E /usr/local/django/colab/ -U
    • service apache2 restart