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Seph Soliman
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Please give your feedback and ideas as comments here.

Best regards\ Seph

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  1. Anonymous

    Nice widget. The time rounding feature does not appear to work however. Records .13 instead of rounding to nearest quarter hour (.25) as indicated in the settings.

  2. Anonymous

    Very useful tool. If it offered additionally the option to check off todos (and the rounding feature worked), I even gladly pay $5 to $10 dollars for it.

  3. Seph Soliman reporter

    Hello, I've created an issue for the time rounding: #3

    The rounding feature currently works by placing the cursor in the "Time" field and pressing the up/down arrow. This will make the time in- og decrease by the chosen rounding amount.

  4. Anonymous

    Any further notes on usage? This widget fails to log me in. doesn't look like anyone else is having this issue, so perhaps just an API outage at the moment.

  5. Seph Soliman reporter

    Some issues logging in may be related to the API being disabled. Ask your administrator to enable the API by going into the "Account" tab under the basecamp dashboard for all your projects. In there you may enable the API which is required for any widgets or third-party programs to work.

    - Seph

  6. Anonymous

    Downloaded widget but can’t log in.

    I am an Administrator in Basecamp but I cannot find the “Account” tab or any mention of any API.

  7. Anonymous

    If the API is enabled you may still not be able to log in to the widget if you are logged in to Basecamp using OpenID. Switch to username and password in Basecamp (you may have to log out and back in) and log in to the widget again - worked for me!

  8. Anonymous


    Very nice widget. Simple and easy to use and has worked perfectly for me for a week.

    -- Wes

  9. Anonymous

    Nice widget, only issue I can see is with the sort order of the clients. In Basecamp we see our company on top, and then the clients are listed alphabetically. In the widget the clients are all jumbled, and the projects under each client is not sorted either. Alphabetically would be nice!

  10. Anonymous

    I enabled the API and still can't login. I've tried it on both a G5 and an Intel Mac. My username contains both a dash ("-") and a space, and mixed case. My basecamp URL starts with "http" instead of "https". Any ideas as to why it's not working for me? Thanks in advance.

  11. Anonymous

    Yeah, I can't login either. API is enabled, etc. I have a similar issue with the basecamp widget by Kennedia(.com).

  12. Anonymous

    I had been using and thoroughly enjoying this widget on a mac running OS 10.5.8 for around a month now -- thanks so much for a very useful utility! I then tried installing it on a machine running OS 10.6, but have been unable to login to my basecamp account. I tried both with version 1.2 and 1.3beta.

    I am guessing this likely has something to do with issues with OS 10.6, but I thought I'd ask if you had any ideas or information about when a compatible version might become available (if that is indeed the problem). Again, thank you very much for developing this! It's one of the most useful utilities on my machine (when working).

  13. Seph Soliman reporter

    Hi mr. anonymous :)

    I havn't experienced any issues. Can you try selecting the widget and press CMD+R to reload the widget? Then try again. Make sure your cridentials are correctly entered and that the basecamp url doesn't end in a /. Please tell me if you get it working again (or not) and what the cause might have been.


  14. Andrew Patton

    Hi there,

    Mr. anonymous again, though I went to the effort to go set up an account this time.

    I never knew one could reload a widget in such a manner (worth it just for the twirly flashback-style visual effect).

    And it works! Though there is an additional potential cause. After reloading and before testing it again, I reentered my password to make sure it was accurate, which makes me wonder: does the widget give any kind of feedback for wrong passwords? It was just hanging with me, but now I wonder if I had just never gotten the right password in there.

    Either way, thanks again for a very useful tool. My employers will be very happy to see me entering my time immediately again, instead of all in a bunch a month after they've happened, more or less.

    Cheers, Andrew

  15. Seph Soliman reporter

    There are some known issues regarding password-replies, which are due to the way the response is fed from basecamp. I havn't checked lately, but I believe they may have fixed it.


  16. Anonymous

    Same here. Not working on Snow Leopard (10.6.2 Intel Mac) and 1.3 of Widget. Just hangs while waiting to log in.

  17. Anonymous

    Same - doesn't work on Snow Leopard. API is enabled, as other widgets do work (but I like them less.)

    Please fix!

  18. Anonymous

    The widget logs today's entries yesterday. My logs are recorded as Jan. 11th - not Jan 12th.

    Anyone else having this issue?

    I'm on OSX 10.5.8


  19. Anonymous

    I'd love to see a few basic features added. For example, I'd like to search my projects. Scrolling through 100+ projects in chronological order is miserably slow. I'd be willing to contribute some time for this.

  20. Anonymous

    Thanks for a wonderfully useful application! So much more efficient than logging into the BCHQ website.

    I'm experiencing a bug: the to-do list drop-down doesn't always get cleared when I switch projects. For example, say I select project A, and the drop-down is populated with to-do items A1, A2, A3. Then I select project B, and the drop down now has A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3. This does not happen consistently though. Sometimes, it works fine.


  21. Anonymous

    The timer doesn't seem to run in the background while I'm working in other programs. Any thoughts way this might be the case?

  22. Anonymous

    I really like this widget, but it seems to freeze and crash all my widgets. Anyone else having this problem? I only have TimeWidget, Calculator and 1 Sticky Note. But sometimes when I show the widgets they are all frozen and don't respond until a restart. Happens on 2 different computers.

  23. Seph Soliman reporter

    This is a known issue that I've experienced as well. From the frontpage of the wiki:

    "Due to changes and limits from 37signals, the widget will require some serious rewriting to work properly. This is a decision 37signals made which I cannot fix easily. Users may experience errors in the comment field like "You have exceeded the maximum rate of identical requests (5/sec) ...". If this happens, please wait 20 seconds and re-try your registration.

    It also seems that the widget may cause crashes of the Dashboard. I am trying to investigate this which seems to be related to the idle functionality, however disabling it will not help."

    I cannot say exactly why it's crashing, but it's likely a bug in the Dashboard itself which would needed to be worked around. But as you can see, development has stopped due to Basecamp changes. I'm afraid I cannot help you any further.

    Best regards

  24. Anonymous

    Oh, ok Seph. Didn't realize that, sorry for not reading through everything. Understandable that you have to let this go, but a bummer because it was a beautiful widget. Thanks for your work on it!

  25. Anonymous

    Hi... I was looking for a timer/stopwatch-like widget and I ran across yours. I am not sure if you have been able to make the necessary changes as you posted in #47, but if so I am having trouble just logging in. If you could let me know what I should put for a username, password, and url that would be much appreciated. I tried the OpenID with Basecamp as the username and password, but no go. I don't have a personal url to use and don't know if I need one...? Thanks of your time.

  26. Anonymous

    Really nice widget. Thanks for your great work.

    I already saw this feature request mentioning among above comments. Also would like to have it included: ability to check off todo items which are already done.

  27. Kyla Becker

    Seems to work fine other than the fact that the rounding does not round what your current time is, just adjusts to add by whatever hour segment you've chosen. Also, you can't have multiple timers open and when you do switch projects, the time for the previous project is carried over if it had not been reported and cleared. It would be nice if reporting time automatically reset the timer, and that if timers were saved as you switched between projects and to-dos (in this respect, might be useful to add a pop-out window that shows what projects are still open/have not been reported yet). Other than that, GREAT tool!

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