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login fails

Anonymous created an issue

there's really something wrong with the login. i really have right information there, have tried changing the password and all, but it just won't login - the loading circle spins for a while, then nothing

if i enter my email as the login, it let's me to a screen with time tracking - though it's not logged in. if i then click on the info button (which takes me back to the login screen) and enter my real login, it takes me again to the time tracking screen and says "loading projects" but it wont load anything.

this really seems like a great widget, too bad it doesn't work.

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  1. Anonymous

    I've tried everything that is suggested as well with the logins etc and nothing works. Just for kicks I downloaded another developer's widget for Basecamp (which doesn't do what I like) and it logged in fine.

    I'm constantly in login state and it even froze my dashboard.

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