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Help and FAQ

Setting date

You can change the date of the registration by clicking the 'today' text next to the time-field.

Adjusting time

You can adjust the amount of time to report by inputting the number of hours in the time field or use the Up/Down arrow keys to increase or decrease the amount of time. Flip the widget to set how much you adjust the time at every key stroke.

Using OpenID

Users of OpenID should obtain their login from basecamp under My Info in the upper right corner. Basecamp will generate a so-called "token" that you can use for widgets and external programs.

Obtain the "token":

Enter the token as your *username*. Enter "x" as your password:

Spinning widget / Loading

If login fails the widget might not indicate it correctly. This is a known bug. Please reload the widget by pressing Command+R. This will create a twirling motion and reload the widget. Please re-check your login and try again.

loading Press CMD+R: twirl Widget is reloaded: untwirl

Provide feedback

Improve the widget by supplying feedback and comments.