Due to changes and limits from 37signals, the widget will require some serious rewriting to work properly. This is a decision 37signals made which I cannot fix easily. Users may experience errors in the comment field like "You have exceeded the maximum rate of identical requests (5/sec) ...". If this happens, please wait 20 seconds and re-try your registration.

It also seems that the widget may cause crashes of the Dashboard. I am trying to investigate this which seems to be related to the idle functionality, however disabling it will not help.

What is this

This is the project for an the TimeTrack Basecamp Mac OS X widget. The widget will focus on time-registration, but may include other features as well.


Getting started


  • Mac OS X 10.5 or newer (10.4 seems to have issues)
  • Basecamp API enabled

If the Basecamp API is not enabled the widget cannot interact with Basecamp. Ask the owner of your basecamp account to go to the "Account" tab located in the right upper corner under the basecamp Dashboard. In there you can enable the API.

Help and FAQ

For further information, please read the Help and FAQ. Use of OpenID is also described in the FAQ.

What's new

Have a look at upcoming features and older changes aka. What's new?


Seph Soliman, www.seph.dk


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