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 == What is this ==
 This is the project for an the TimeTrack Basecamp Mac OS X widget. The widget will focus on time-registration, but may include other features as well.
 == Getting started ==
 * [[/seph/basecamp-time-widget/downloads/|Download]] and double-click
 * Enter your login cridentials for basecamp and the basecamp URL, i.e.:
 * Press login and that's it!
+== Requirements ==
+* Mac OS X 10.4 or 10.5
+* Basecamp API enabled
+If the Basecamp API is not enabled the widget cannot interact with Basecamp. Ask the owner of your basecamp account to go to the "Account" tab located in the right upper corner under the basecamp Dashboard. In there you can enable the API.
 == Provide feedback ==
 Improve the widget by supplying [[|feedback and comments.]]
 == What's new ==
 Version 1.2, July 6, 2009
 * Ability to reset timer by clicking time
 * Added idle detection. Timer will pause and pulse when user is idle for 3 minutes