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-Dark-Hammer is a light-weight, multi-platform game engine.  License is _2-clause new BSD_.  
+Dark-Hammer is a light-weight, open-source, multi-platform game engine.  
 Engine itself is written in C programming language (following C99 standard), works with both 
 _OpenGL_ and _Direct3D_ APIs.  
 Current supported platforms are _Windows 7_ with _Direct3D 10_ or higher capable graphics card, 
-In order to compiler and build the engine you'll need softwares below to be installed/extracted on 
-your system :
+In order to compile and build the engine you'll need softwares below, to be installed on your 
+system :
 - __C99 compatible compiler__: Tested _ICC 12_ for windows (MSVC2013 should have C99 support too), 
 _GCC 2.6_ for linux, and _Clang 3.3_ for OSX
 - __DirectX SDK June 2010__: For Direct3D build under windows. 
 #### Linux Requirements ####
-- __X11 libs__: Package name _xorg-dev_
-- __Mesa GL libs__: Package name _libglu1-mesa-dev_
+- __X11 libs__: For X11 window system (GLFW) compilation. (Package: _xorg-dev_)
+- __Mesa GL libs__: For GLX support (GLFW) compilation. (Package: _libglu1-mesa-dev_)
+#### Additional (Not required) ####
+- __SWIG__: For rebuilding/modifying lua or python bindings. [link](
+- __Python development libs__: For linux (Package: _python-dev_)
 - - -
 Preferred build system is [waf]( which is a python based program, 
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