dark-hammer / src / core / platform / unix / util-lnx.c

The branch 'v0.4.6' does not exist.
Diff from to


 #include <sys/sendfile.h>
 #include <stdio.h>
-char* util_getexedir(char* outpath, size_t outsize)
+char* util_getexedir(char* outpath)
     char tmp[32];
     sprintf(tmp, "/proc/%d/exe", getpid());
-    size_t bytes = readlink(tmp, outpath, outsize -1);
+    size_t bytes = readlink(tmp, outpath, DH_PATH_MAX-1);
     outpath[bytes] = 0;
     return path_makevalid(outpath, path_getdir(outpath, outpath));
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