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merged with spartanJ efsw

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 	mInitOK = false;
-    if (mThread != NULL)    {
-	    mThread->wait();
-    	efSAFE_DELETE( mThread );
-    }
+    efSAFE_DELETE( mThread );
 WatchID FileWatcherWin32::addWatch(const std::string& directory, FileWatchListener* watcher, bool recursive)
 	WatcherStructWin32 * watch = CreateWatch( dir.c_str(), recursive,	FILE_NOTIFY_CHANGE_CREATION |
 																		FILE_NOTIFY_CHANGE_SIZE |
 																		FILE_NOTIFY_CHANGE_FILE_NAME |
-																		FILE_NOTIFY_CHANGE_DIR_NAME
-	);
+																		FILE_NOTIFY_CHANGE_DIR_NAME |
+																		FILE_NOTIFY_CHANGE_SIZE |
+																		FILE_NOTIFY_CHANGE_FILE_NAME |
+																		FILE_NOTIFY_CHANGE_DIR_NAME);
 	if( NULL == watch )
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