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fixed a bug in ftp upload

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 # pymdWiki
-HTML generator for offline markdown files *(v1.2.0)*  
+HTML generator for offline markdown files *(v1.2.1)*  
 Generates a collection of HTMLs from offline markdown files and uploads them to your ftp server. Simple as that!  
 This program is based on [pypi Markdown](https://pypi.python.org/pypi/Markdown) and use that to generate HTML bodies from individual markdown files.

File src/mdwiki.py

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         # js files
         for jsfile in main_js:
-            ftp_upload_file(ftp, 'js/' + jsfile, os.path.abspath(mydir + '/js/' + jsfile), 
+            ftp_upload_file(ftp, 'js/' + jsfile, os.path.abspath(outputdir + '/js/' + jsfile), 
         # html files
             shutil.copy(src_filepath, os.path.abspath(destdir + '/' + jsfile))
 def main():
-    print 'pymdWiki v1.2.0 running ...'
+    print 'pymdWiki v1.2.1 running ...'
     opt = optparse.OptionParser()
     opt.add_option('-i', '--input', default='.', dest='inputdir', \

File src/themes/darkhammer/config.json

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     "title": "darkHAMMER wiki",
-    "footnote": "Copyright (c) 2013 - Sepehr Taghdisian (www.hmrengine.com)",
+    "footnote": "Copyright (c) 2013 - Sepehr Taghdisian, <a href='http://www.hmrengine.com'>hmrengine.com</a>",
     "logo": "logo.png"