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 # pymdWiki
-HTML generator for offline markdown files *(v1.2.1)*  
+HTML generator for offline markdown files *(v1.3.0)*  
 Generates a collection of HTMLs from offline markdown files and uploads them to your ftp server. Simple as that!  
 This program is based on [pypi Markdown]( and use that to generate HTML bodies from individual markdown files.
     - **title**: will set _$(TITLE)_ value upon HTML generation (see above)
     - **footnote**: will set _$(FOOTNOTE)_
     - **logo**: will set _$(LOGO)_
+    - **code-theme**: name of the code highlighting theme file (which is .css), css files are under */css* directory and you can preview them in [highlight.js](
 **Note** that the program only reads all _(png, jpg, css, js, gif)_ files under theme root path (not recursive) and copy them to ouput HTML path or upload them to ftp, so don't bloat the main directory for the theme with unnecessary files.