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FindICU.cmake ============= :Author: Sergiu Dotenco :Date: October 17, 2011 Overview -------- This module allows to locate ICU_, and to determine the build configuration required to build against the library. Additionally, FindICU.cmake provides functionality that allows to automate the `creation of resource bundles`__. __ create-rb_ .. _ICU: http://www.icu-project.org Customizable variables ---------------------- ICU_ROOT_DIR Specifies ICU's root directory. On Windows the library location typically will have to be provided explicitly using the ``-D`` command-line option. Alternatively, the ``ICUROOT`` environment variable can be set. Read-only variables ------------------- ICU_FOUND Indicates whether the library has been found. ICU_INCLUDE_DIRS Points to the ICU include directory. ICU_LIBRARIES Points to the ICU libraries that should be passed to ``target_link_libararies``. ICU_C_FLAGS, ICU_C_FLAGS_SHARED Required C compile flags when building against ICU. ICU_CXX_FLAGS, ICU_CXX_FLAGS_SHARED Required C++ compile flags when building against ICU. ICU_<COMPONENT>_FOUND Indicates whether the specified ``<COMPONENT>`` has been found. ICU_<PROGRAM>_EXECUTABLE The path to the specified ICU ``<PROGRAM>``. .. _create-rb: Building resource bundles ------------------------- :: CREATE_ICU_RESOURCE_BUNDLE (TARGET target NAME name FILES file1 [file2 ...] [COMMON | STATIC | SHARED] [VERBOSE] [C_FLAGS VAR] [CXX_FLAGS VAR] [GENRB_ARGS arg1 [arg2 ...] [PKGDATA_ARGS arg1 [arg2 ...]] [RESOURCE_LOCATION VAR] [REVISION rev] [IMPORT_DIRECTORY dir]) This function wraps the functionality provided by ICU's *genrb* and *pkgdata* tools. These tools allow to create a resource bundle from a set of text files. The module adds the executables as a custom command to the specified ``target``. The name of the resource bundle is determined by the ``name`` argument, the input files by ``file1``, ``file2``, etc. Resource bundles can be created either as an endian-specific, but portable common data file, or as a static/shared library. Unless explicitly specified, a common data resource bundle will be created. When creating a static or shared resource bundle, an imported library target will be added which can be referenced by bundle's ``name``. In some situations it may be necessary to specify additional *genrb* or *pkgdata* command-line arguments. This can be achieved by setting the optional ``GENRB_ARGS`` or ``PKGDATA_ARGS`` argument, respectively. The standard output of both tools is suppressed by default. To prevent this behavior, the ``VERBOSE`` option can be used. The location of the resource can be determined using the ``RESOURCE_LOCATION`` option together with a variable name ``VAR`` that will store that path. When creating a shared library bundle on Unix-like system, library's revision has to be set. This can be done by supplying the appropriate version to the ``REVISION`` option. If the option is omitted, the revision will be set to 1.0. The option ``IMPORT_DIRECTORY`` can be used to specify the directory that contains the resources which are imported by the resource bundle. .. vi: spell spelllang=en