blaise / Makefile

NAME := blaise
DEPS := AUTHORS ast.mli Makefile\
FILES := parser/parser.mly parser/lexer.mll

LOGIN := pietri_a
RENDU := ${LOGIN}-mpoc2012
TARBALL := ${RENDU}.tar.bz2
GROUPE := b2
CURL := curl --silent --output /dev/null -u ${LOGIN}\
	-F "userfile=@${TARBALL};filename=${TARBALL}"\
URL :=

all: ${DEPS}
	ocamlbuild -no-hygiene ${NAME}.native
	cp ${NAME}.native ${NAME}
	ocamlbuild -clean

blaise: all

rendu: ${DEPS} ${FILES} 
	@echo -n "Making tarball ${TARBALL}… "
	@mkdir ${RENDU}
	@for f in ${DEPS} ${FILES}; do cp $$f ${RENDU}; done
	@tar -cjf ${TARBALL} ${RENDU}
	@rm -rf ${RENDU}
	@echo "done !"

rendu_upload: rendu
	@echo "Sending project to…"
	@${CURL} ${URL}
	@echo "Success !"

	ocamlbuild -clean
	rm -rf ${RENDU} ${TARBALL} ${NAME}
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