This program has been created for lazy EPITA students (and works therefore for other IONIS students). It retrieves each day the hour of the first class and sets the alarm automatically.



You first need these dependancies : python3 python3-tk mplayer pip3

Then you can install the python modules :

# pip3 install tkinter requests yaml


Just launch You have a lot of ways to let it run in background :

$ nohup ./ &
$ screen -S wakronos -d -m ./

You can also create a daemon that launches the script as your user.

When the alarm triggers, a window appears and you have two options :

  • Ta gueule: stop the alarm and close the window.
  • Snooze: pause the alarm and wait for a little delay before replaying it.


Edit the conf.yml file and you can custom these options :


url: "{group}&w={week}&api" # API URL, don't touch.
check-hour: 1 # first class hour is checked at 1 AM
group: "INFOSPEB2" # your group on chronos


sound: "/home/antoine/reveil.mp3" # the path to your music
delay: 30 # How many minutes do you need from your bed to EPITA?
snooze-delay: 5 # delay when "snooze" is pressed in minutes


- Big-data innovation
- Green IT
- Cloud computing
- Add other ininteresting classes here