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# About

This is a contribution to the [Game Competition] [1] of the course
"Methods of AI" at the University of Osnabrück in the winter term


This player called Zotter will try to compete using classical AI game
playing strategies written in Prolog.  The framework used is based
on Helmar Gust's "dumb" player.  The Prolog implementation currently
used is SWI-Prolog.  However there are plans to support or fully
switch to other ones like YAP or GNU Prolog.

The name Zotter has nothing to do with the chocolate manufacturer of
the same name.  Instead it results from the combination of words Otter,
the theorem prover and Zotte, the German word for villi of organs.

# Release

The deadline for the competition is 2009-03-22.  Before that the code
for this player will be kept strictly private.  The final release
for this competition will be tagged with "final" in the Mercurial
[repository] [2] and eventually be made public for anyone who is


# Installation

For notes on compilation and installation see the `INSTALL` file.

# Usage

After having installed Zotter run `./play trivial zotter dumb` in
the root directory of the gaming environment and watch in awe as
Zotter defeats the dumb player in a trivial configuration of the
matches game.  ;)

# Contributing

See the `HACKING` file for further comments on this topic.