bitbucket-backup / bin / bitbucket-backup

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

require "highline/import"
require "bitbucket-backup"
require "optparse"

options = {}
options[:all_repos] = false

parser = do | opts |

  opts.banner = "Usage: #{$0} [options] /path/to/backupdir\nUsername and password are required."

  # Backup all repos visible to user
  opts.on("-a", "--all-repos", "Backup all visible repos to user") do
    options[:all_repos] = true

  # Required: Username
  opts.on("-u", "--username USERNAME", "Required: Username for account to be backed up") do | username |
    options[:username] = username

  # Required: Password
  opts.on("-p", "--password PASSWORD", "Required: Password for account to be backed up") do | password |
    options[:password] = password


if ARGV.empty? || !options[:password] || !options[:username]
    puts parser.banner
end[:username], options[:password], ARGV.first, options[:all_repos])
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