Quick crouching will "stick" the button

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Issue #4 resolved
Seth Hetu repo owner created an issue

If you tap the down arrow, Iji will bob up and down uncontrollably. Pressing down for ~1s resolves the issue.

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  1. Seth Hetu reporter

    Ok, this is due to Iji's motion-based state machine relying on image_index, which is being incorrectly reset by image_single. Consider:

    image_index = 3;
    image_single = 1;
    image_index = 0;
    image_single = -1;

    ...image_index should be 0, but ENIGMA sets it to 3.

    This is an oversight in my image_single implementation. Fixing it (correctly) will also probably fix the "Iji is knocked down directly after standing up" bug.

  2. Seth Hetu reporter

    Fixed with the latest commit. The new image_single implementation is as simple as possible, to reduce further bugs.

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