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Welcome to Iji on ENIGMA! This port brings the classic video game Iji to platforms the original never worked on, such as OSX and Linux, and fixes a few bugs on platforms it did, such as audio on Windows 7.

I just want to play Iji! What should I do?

First, make sure you are not running anything unsaved and important. This is beta software after all!

You can download the latest binaries of Iji on ENIGMA here. They are in beta, so please be kind enough to post bug reports if you run into anything troubling.

I am interested in Iji, but I don't want to help beta test.

If you don't want to take part in the beta test, but are now interested in Iji, you can find the original (2008) version here:

What are the controls?

  • Up/down/left right moves Iji and navigates the menu.
  • Enter/Esc are basic "Ok" and "Cancel"
  • 1 through 8 switch your active weapon
  • Z is kick
  • X is fire
  • C is crack/interact
  • Hold F12 to quit the game at any time

There are some other controls, but the game explains them (or they're secrets!)

What are the risks of beta testing?

Iji on ENIGMA will freeze from time to time. If that happens, kill the process quickly or it might hang your system. This is mostly a risk on Linux; Windows and OSX should still be able to eke out the equivalent of a Ctrl+Alt+Del. In particular, these actions will likely crash your game:

  1. Blowing up some explosive barrels (Sector 5, possibly others) (fixed)

Our bug fixes are focused on these issues first and foremost, because we know how annoying they are.

What do I do if the downloaded files don't work?

First, read the "readme.txt" file included in the download; it will explain common sources of error. If it still doesn't work after following these instructions, then file a bug report, please! I am not an expert at cross-platform distribution, so it's entirely possible I forgot something important.

How can I compile from source?

Compiling Iji from source is a very good idea if you have the patience! You can get bug fixes immediately, and you can bind to the libraries in use by your system instead of using my hackish workaround. See the main page's README for details.

What about Android?

Android is possible in theory (someone is working on this as we speak), but it would require more work. In particular, screen size and keyboard controls would require modifying the Iji sources. So... maybe, but right now the priority is to fix all the remaining bugs.