BlueByte has created a debugger for the Lua scripts in their games during development, but hasn't shipped this part of their software. The interface however can still be found in the production executables, and therefore it is possible to recreate the this debugger. This project is a complete Lua debugger, written from scatch, in C#

Interface in S5

SHoK tries to load LuaDebugger.dll on startup and calls certain functions in the DLL with information about lua states and loaded files, etc... Settlers 5 uses Lua 5.0.2

Interface in S6

The interface is almost the same, but the DLL is called BBLuaDebugger.dll and is located in a special debug path, and the interface only becomes active in development mode. This is triggered by setting a registry key and calling the game with -DevM as argument. Settlers 6 uses Lua 5.1.1

Project Overview


First, build LuaDebugger in both build-configurations (DbgS5 & DbgS6) to build the debugger DLLs. Otherwise, LuaDebuggerStarter will not build successfully.


The main project which compiles to the DLL. Differences between the two versions are handled by compile-time conditionals #if etc... The Editor used is ICSharpCode.TextEditor, and the native DLL exports are created with UnmanagedExports


Unpacks the DLLs into a temporary directory and starts the game with the correct debugger DLL. It also sets the registry key for development mode for S6.


Starts settlers and automatically attaches the Visual Studio debugger to the managed thread.

Catching Lua Errors

Unfortunately there is no interface to catch Lua errors, so every call to lua_pcall is rerouted through the debugger using import table patching.

The console

The Lua console gives direct access to the selected lua state, and can display most data types. When the debugger is in Pause mode, all locals and upvalues are copied into _G (as long as there is no global with the same name) so the console behaves as if commands are executed in the context of the paused function. Before resuming, all values are copied back, and _G is cleaned.