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implemented a persistent string map. doesn't integrate with the other STMs yet.
a simple persistent map
private -> protected for some fields
implemented correctly using Condition objects
first attempt at non-lazy concurrent transactional queue
renamed some functions, etc
exponential backoff for 2pc;
[no commit message]
move to single-folder organization. again.
move to single-folder organization.
don't allow write lock acquisition in a read-only transaction.
better deadlock detection
little bugfix.
deadlock detection via the original method
TVar, etc -> Ref
added map support
s2 cleanup
transactional buffer
s2pl -> s2 and implementation of transactional set
s2pl compiles. not tested yet tho.
s2pl (doesn't yet compile though)
push changes.
simpler alternative to threadlocals, as suggested by Peter
TransactionExecutors should be passed to transactionmanagers in a constructor since they are never modified.
failed to eliminate threadlocals; reverted.
attempt to eliminate threadlocals
before the attempt to eliminate threadlocals
Central support for read-only transactions: (it's not safe to combine optimized read-only transactions with transactions involving writes. The resulting schedule won't be serializable.)
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