cologre-ng /


cologre-ng is a COLLADA (dae) importer for OGRE3D, based on the cologre project.

The first goal is to make it up to date with the latest collada-dom version (2.2).

Future work includes : - Compatibility with the Ogre 1.6.x et 1.7.x branches - Support for 3D textures - Support for shader loading


  • Ogre 1.4
  • collada-dom 2.2
  • boost
  • pcre
  • libxml2
  • tinyxml
  • minizip


cologre-ng is released under the MIT License, which is a permissive open source license. The only condition is that you distribute the license text included in our distribution with any software that uses cologre-ng. The parts coming from the cologre project remains licenced under the LGPL licence.

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